Homemade Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend! For my profession, nights & weekends are my time to shine! So, after a long day’s work there is nothing better than cooking a storm up in the kitchen! Whether it’s to blow off some steam or impress a loved one, I’m all about it! This weekend I decided to try chicken fettuccine alfredo from scratch. Although it was a lot harder than picking up the phone and ordering chinese food, the end result was worth it. Martha Stewart is the queen when it comes to delicious recipes, so that is the one I went with!

This recipe is super easy and left both my man and doggy extremely satisfied! Also, I had enough leftovers to share with other friends! Follow the recipe step by step and you cannot go wrong!

Note: Get a little creative and add a few personal touches to your recipes. Our family relies heavily on herbs, so we grow a basil plant on the balcony at our condo. To add move flavour,  I placed a few sprigs on top of the pasta. I’m also a huge fan of presentation when it comes to cooking, so I added sliced roma tomatoes and a few crostini’s as well. Enjoy!





Kayla xoxo

Catching Up With Champagne Cocktails!

Bonjour #OTTY’s!

Summer weather is upon us! It’s that time to drink lovely refreshing cocktails with friends at home on the balcony or on a patio at your favourite spot!

This time around, Our Treasures To You decided to make champagne cocktails with fresh and delicious ingredients at home!

We enjoyed whipping them up, catching up with each other on the balcony and trying both recipes! Enjoy the sun and your favourite bevy! We all know the Summer goes quick, so savour it!


Bubbly Melon

“Peachy Keen”

1oz Peach puree

3/4oz Vodka

Top off with champagne or prosecco and a peach slice



S & K    XOXO

A ‘Light’ Brunch at Home

Hey #OTTY’s!

We decided homemade is the way to go this time around! A delicious late brunch was perfect for our mid-week hangout this early April!

Caesars, poached eggs on a croissant and a side of greens are on the menu! Including lots of toppers for our bevy’s!

A fun way to catch up with friends and get creative while making your own meal!

Hope you can enjoy this as the weekend approaches!

Love S & K! xoxo

Spring Cupcakes and Pastel Popcorn

Hey #OTTY’s!

Spring is just around the corner, so #OTTY got busy in the kitchen, baking adorable pastel cupcakes and Salted Caramel Easter Popcorn! Both recipes are so delicious, fun to make and will beat away those winter blues!

The popcorn is an amazing combination of sweet & salty and when you add in the Mini Eggs, it gives the bowl a punch of  colour to make that smile last all day long! It also makes for a wonderful gift to give around Easter time!

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? They are fantastic any time of year! The icing and detail we have used with the decorative candies completes the look. These little gems would be great to bring to any type of Shower (wedding, baby etc), a birthday party, Easter dinner or work, if you are feeling extra generous!


Thanks to Martha Stewart and Two Peas and Their Pod for your recipes.
From Kayla: The icing was going to be kept a secret, as it’s my friend’s recipe from Alabama, but I couldn’t resist. The creator will still remain anonymous.
2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 c butter
1/2 a cup of vegetable shortening
2 tbsp milk
2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
(Can use one total cup of butter if u have no vegetable shortening)
1. In the bowl of a Stand mixer blend butter and shortening until light and fluffy about 2-3 mins.
2. Add milk and vanilla and beat until fully incorporated.
3. Add powdered sugar and beat on low, once sugar is incorporated beat on high until light and fluffy.

School Brunch

Happy New Year OTTY’s!

We hope 2013 is getting off to a great start for you! In between all the new year resolutions, hitting the gym and trying to lay low to recover from holiday hangovers, we decided that brunch is the perfect way to catch up with friends while keeping your post holiday drinking and spending in check. So below we’ve listed some of our favourite brunch spots and dishes.  And seeing as we both live downtown, west of Spadina, King West and Liberty Village are go-to neighbourhoods. After all, who wants a lengthy trek to breakfast on a Sunday? Hope you can visit some of these spots for your next brunch outing!

Le Select

Sarah’s pick: Pain Dore Aux Pommes
Kayla’s pick: Oeufs Benedicte
Note: A must side-order are the crispy rosti potatoes. They are to die for!


Sarah’s pick: Krispy French Toast & cappucino
Kayla’s pick: Cheesy French Toast & coffee


House-made jams and house-crafted breakfast sausages are noteworthy (and delicious!) accessories to the Marben Traditional

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Sarah’s pick: Huevos Monty & The Bungalow Island Caesar
Kayla’s pick: Mildred’s Flavoury & Savoury Tart with greens & a Morning Mimosa
Note: also known for having the best blueberry pancakes in the city


Sarah’s pick: Classic eggs benedict with a Seabreeze

Kayla’s pick: I went here for my 26th birthday so I absolutely love this spot for brunch, go with a Caesar, (yum) and the Herbed Ricotta Omelette & home fries.
Check out our brunch at School which was, as Billie Holiday would say it, Just Too Marvelous For Words!

OTTY at the Christmas Market!

Merry Merry!

Christmas is just around the corner, so OTTY visited the Christmas Market in Toronto’s Distillery District to get in the festive mood!

There is something for everyone.  You can look for antiques, eat delicious fudge and poutine, sing along with the Candy Cane carolers and get your picture with the big guy, Santa!

The warm mulled wine is a must, so get to the market soon because the last day is this on Sunday, December 16th.  Visit with your family & friends!

OTTY had a blast!

Merry Christmas OTTY’s!

Holiday Shopping at Naked Red!

Hey #OTTY’s!

Daniela Rella, owner of Naked Red in Liberty Village showed OTTY a wide variety of beautiful outfits for upcoming Holiday parties & events!

From chunky knits, to a classic black sequin dress, we covered it all at the glamorous little boutique in the village!

Check out the latest styles for the 2012 Holiday season!

Anyone have any other mix and match ideas? We love the sequins and knits combo!

‘Tis the season to be merry!

Xoxo S & K!

Holiday Hair: Volume II

Hey OTTY’s!

The classic french bun was our first tutorial for great Christmas party style! Holiday Hair: Volume II is Hollywood Glam, a gorgeous look for any party or event you may have coming up! Hot rollers are put to use in this feminine and flashy hair style! Try this and feel beautiful while making an immediate impression!

Does anyone  have a great Christmas or holiday party coming up? Please share your style with us in the comments section!

Xoxo S & K!

Holiday Hair: Volume I

If you’re anything like us, then the holiday event invites have already started pouring in! With back-to-back parties already scheduled and the weekends in December filling up our calendars, OTTY wants to show you two beautiful hairstyles that you can master for all of your holiday soirees! This is volume one and check back soon for volume two.

Happy Holidays!

xoxo S & K

Pretty Pumpkins Party by Chatelaine

It’s Halloween and OTTY has found another way to be festive with pumpkins!

Instead of carving a jack-o-lantern, OTTY decided to try Chatelaine’s Pretty Pumpkins Party!

With a few acrylic paints, mini pumpkins and a paint brush, we now have a collection of festive centrepieces for Fall!

P.S.  We put in a popular Halloween tune for the scary occasion today! Enjoy & Happy Halloween!

Xoxo S & K!

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